Charles Beckwith is a veteran media producer and artist with experience across radio, television, filmmaking, publishing, photography, theater, technology development, creative writing, and live events management. He paints in his spare time.




Charles Beckwith earned a BFA in Creative Writing from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2002, and studied Filmmaking at The University of North Carolina School of The Arts and American University.

A long time technology enthusiast, he has written for 2600 Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly and organized numerous events and special projects for the Hackers On Planet Earth conferences since 2004. He switched from filmmaking to fashion editorial photography in 2005, has since then shot over 750 runway shows in New York and Milan, and specialized in training new talent for modeling agencies including Elite, Women, Supreme, Wilhelmina, and Major. In 2008, Charles founded modaCYCLE, an avant garde independent magazine providing some of the first press coverage of today’s hottest designers. In 2013, he joined the team at Manufacture New York to work on media and events production, where he served as general manager for Launch NYC, the third busiest fashion show venue of the Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week season.

He is currently the CEO of a new marketing lab, think tank, and multi-channel network called Fashion Media Center, which is developing new technology to market and distribute high quality fashion and lifestyle goods. Every Monday night, Charles serves as producer and co-host of American Fashion Podcast, which is consistently one of the top fashion and beauty podcasts on iTunes.


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