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American Fashion Podcast

over 250 episodes since 2014
the fashion industry's favorite show
hosted by Charles Beckwith and Cathy Schepis
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Request to read an unpublished screenplay:

mediterranean adventure

Passāre: Ulysses Beyond The Odyssey

(feature film, historical fiction / fantasy)

When the queen dies, King Ulysses finds himself wrestling with the idea of abdicating his throne and sailing away before old age truly takes hold, but the gods again have other ideas.

Inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem, Ulysses.

starry sky over mountains

The Nemesis Star

(feature film, science fiction)

When a pair of brilliant young scientists uncover an interstellar conspiracy, they must confront their own demons to save what's left of their people before their whole civilization's last chance for survival passes by in the long night of a billion dying stars.

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