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Charles Beckwith

Charles Beckwith, photographer, producer, artist, podcaster, screenwriter, entrepreneur

Strategic Advisor

As a writer, photographer, filmmaker, technologist, and entrepreneur, with over a decade of experience in entrepreneurial C-level positions, Charles Beckwith brings a unique perspective to any project. In business, he leverages his varied skillset to tremendous advantage for clients and partners in strategic planning, marketing, fundraising, and business development.

Charles has contributed to strategies for raising more than $278M for various startup businesses over the years. In 2023, he directly managed a strategy for raising $17M. He specializes in developing investment profiles for unusual business projects. 

Charles Beckwith is an artist and entrepreneur.

He is best known as the producer and host of The American Fashion Podcast. This groundbreaking series dove deep into how the fashion industry works under the hood and provided a vital forum for discussion of key topics such as sustainability and labor practices when mainstream fashion publications were still avoiding those subjects to a large extent.

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Since 2016, Charles has been a Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at the business-focused podcast network MouthMedia Network.

In 2020, Charles Beckwith founded Greyland Fireworks Corporation, a unique accelerator for technology startups and media projects. The name Greyland Fireworks (sometimes abbreviated GFWx) references the ideas of a foundry for creating things industrially and bringing fire (innovation) to a grey landscape.

Focused On Communication

A core competency of Charles Beckwith is in communication, a field for which he has great passion. Listening, helping other people to express themselves clearly, and getting people to hear each other are what he has always been best at doing. 

His career started in theater and radio, progressed to film and television, included earning a degree in Creative Writing and graduate studies in Film and Media, and then took a significant turn into editorial fashion photography, which led to online publishing, journal editing, and podcasting. This is to say, Charles Beckwith brings an extremely well-rounded understanding of both verbal and visual communication to any project. 

Perpetual Career Goal: “What’s Next?”

Charles has worked in film, television, radio, theater, journalism, photography, live events, podcasting, and technology development. He is a master photographer, a 4x (and counting) startup founder, and a world-class expert on sustainable fashion and fashion technology.

He has never intentionally repeated a project.

Most of his ventures have involved utilizing a new technology in the liminal state. When he was in high school, he hacked together an animation recorder and sound card to create his own non-linear video editing system. When he was working on the HOPE Conferences, he introduced a number of innovations meant to spur increased interaction between conference participants. The Harmony Mediation startup applied AI to interpersonal disagreements, and The Pod developed technology intended to bring artists closer relationships with their audiences.

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Images from the photography and fine art portfolio

Media Producer

Storytelling has been a lifelong interest. This led to the study of communication, creative writing, theater, and filmmaking in school. It led to the production of shows, events, conferences, and graphic design as a professional. It led to studying proto-myths and television pilots as a personal interest. His home office includes over 3,000 volumes in a private reference library with focuses on history, poetry, filmmaking, screenwriting, photography, and world literature. When applied to a communication problem, the resulting body of knowledge allows for unique insight. 

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