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What does Charles Beckwith Do?

founder / executive

  • Founder and CEO, Greyland Fireworks Corporation, 2020-present
  • Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, MouthMedia Network, 2016-present
  • Founder and CEO, Fashion Media Center, 2013-2016
  • Founder and CEO, modaCYCLE, 2008-2013

Freelance Media and Events Writer-Producer-Director

Charles beckwith is a master photographer, a veteran producer of film, TV, theater, and podcasts, and an experienced director of narrative and documentary projects who brings exceptional craft and nuance to every project.

Technology Consulting

For fashion brands, Charles Beckwith is the most trusted holistic technology consultant. As the “fashion tech guru,” he has helped dozens of brands clear the hurdles of technology adoption and prepares them for what’s next.

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Also Known For:

  • radio & podcast host
  • panel moderator
  • designer / illustrator
  • writer / director (film/tv/theater)
  • technology critic (see publications)
  • conference organizer

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